Arnica Gel

arnica gel bruisesArnica Gel  is a homeopathic formula with the power of triggering fast healing processes in human body.

In this article, you can read our findings about the use of Arnica Gel and how this gel is used in bruise treatment.

Arnica has deep roots in natural healing. People have been using arnica, the plant itself, for healing purposes since 1500′s. Our grand-grandmothers concocted it into arnica tincture which is also known as ‘mother tincture’. It is still in use in natural healing but the modern formulation is the arnica gel.

Pharmaceutical laboratories in their production process use the ‘old grannies’ mother tincture’ as raw material and they then delicately convert it into fine gel. The process preserves the power of arnica and removes all of side effects of arnica tincture.

The end product is a homeopathic formula with the power that can trigger fast healing processes in human body.This makes perfect to use arnica gel for bruises in bruise treatment for example.

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Arnica Gel Bruises Review

Large number of studies carried out in Medical Centers claims that arnica gel can speed up the recovery from bruises and swellings as fast as twice.

Based on patients feedback, we can also tell, arnica gel for bruises is an excellent. We also see it has recently been getting widely used for this purpose.

We found that recent results of scientific researches in this area suggest that the arnica content in the gel stimulates the migration of white blood cells to bruises and swells and letting them digest the damaged cells and congested blood.

We have to add here that the full mechanism of this healing process is still not fully understood but its benefits for bruise treatment have been documented many times in scientific papers and practitioners notes.

What Arnica Gel’s Benefits in Bruise Treatment

During our research we found that this gel formula has the following features which are beneficial on bruises and swells and makes it very effective for bruise treatment and bruise healing.

  • Removes bruises and skin discoloration fast and effective almost immediately
  • Has soothing and cooling effect on the injured area
  • Is not a medicine; uses the body natural healing power
  • No smeary feeling; the body absorbs the gel quickly
  • Easy to use; only a minute of privacy needed for the application
  • Can be used on any skin type even thin or delicate skin
  • Does not require prescription; available without prescriptions in stores, groceries and even online (online prices cannot be bitten)


Our recommended arnica bruise gel has Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of United States (HPUS) approval and all of its ingredients have an acknowledged registration by the same Institute. It also is a value-for-money offer from Amazon.

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What People Say About it?

During our research we talked to many people who used arnica gel for bruises and we asked them about their experiences. The overall opinion was very positive. Here we share some of that feedback.

“I used it on my bruises all across my belly after having a C-section. The day I started using it, I noticed my bruises getting lighter.” – said a Mom of three children recently has given birth for her fourth.

“The gel works great helping bruises fade faster. There is no odor or staining on clothing.” – wrote an active garden owner sometimes having some ‘oops’ during his garden works.

“My girl-friend recommended I try the gel, and I am now having the second tube. This is great stuff and it works. It takes away the color of bruise before it really develops.” – told a dog owner having been doing rough-housing with his dog and left by the animal pretty badly scratched-legged.

“I have used this for years, and have recently introduced my 84 year old mom to it for her constant bruises…arnica gel is very effective in bruise treatment. It should be in all medicine cabinets. ” – said a 40-year-old woman from Indiana.

Where Can I Get the Best Price?

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I hope this Arnica Gel Bruises Review helped you some way to make decision.

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