Thanks for visiting my arnica gel review site. My name is Jack and I have a large background in Medical Herbalism. I have been working for years for large pharmacies and research and development pharmaceutical companies. I am also an enthusiastic supporter of natural health products.

During the years, I have experienced that still not enough people in the everyday know how versatile our heritage is in healing plants and herbs and how huge power lies in those.

I decided to try educating people in natural health products. And, to add actions to this persuasion – this web site was born and it is dedicated to the best use of Arnica gel.

The Arnica Gel is the latest formulation of Arnica products which is not well known by many but this new formula makes it possible that the arnica healing power can be used in new treatment areas i.e. plastic surgery.

This site provides detailed reviews of some great arnica gel products that I have come across. The visitors can also learn more about them and if they can suit for the site visitors.

Hope you enjoy my site,