arnica gel pain relief

Arnica Gel Effective Pain Relief

Have you heard that arnica gel relieves pain as much effective way as Ibuprofen? – and it gives this benefit without real side effects?

The research results of the last ten years in this area put arnica gel in the spotlight as an effective natural pain relief solution and pain relieving gel – sometimes, it is called pain gel.

We made a research on the relevant scientific evidences and discussions on this and also collected customers’ feedback.  Here, you can read about our findings.

We have found. Not only is arnica gel effective in reducing pain in chronic, long term pain conditions like arthritis, sever back pain or joint pain but it also proved good for emergency situations as in episode of extreme pain conditions – like you can be in with a cramp or strains and sprains.

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Many people who lived in permanent pain – and who had not found effective pain relief solution from conventional prescription solutions – managed to become pain-free from the gel.

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Arnica gel has proved its strength for the following pain conditions:

  • Muscle aches and muscle stiffness
  • Arthritis pain
  • Back pain, low back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Leg and muscle cramp
  • Muscle soreness of leg and wrist after overexertion due to heavy body exercise
  • Headaches either from noise or tension
  • Shoulder and knee pain
  • Flare-ups on herniated discs
  • Shoulder injury pains after operation
  • Pain with sports injuries
  • Joint pain
  • Pains after surgery like spider vein surgery
  • Aches and pains with fibromyalgia
  • Pelvic or back pain with endometriosis
  • Pain from tendonitis – inflammation of tendon

Also, it can give relaxation on shoulder and neck with its nightly application.

For all of these usage areas, we found very positive feedback from both sides – from the therapists and from the gel users.

You could also find proofs yourself for that if you do a brief research on the internet for arnica gel usage as pain gel for pain relief. You would find almost just satisfied customer reviews there.  Some even mention miracle there with results they got on back pain and joint pain.

Once again, the big positive side though is that the gel does not have known real side effects whatsoever. It needs to add here – of course – that you have to keep the manufacturer’s directions you get with the purchase.

Also, you can buy arnica gel without prescription as it is a natural remedy.

Our recommended arnica gel has Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of United States (HPUS) approval and all of its ingredients have an acknowledged registration by the same Institute. It also is a value-for-money offer from Amazon.

During our research, we also found that numbers of study-results suggested that arnica gel can be looked as real alternative to traditional pain relief medications – ibuprofen, acetaminophen, aspirin, NSAIDs (non-steoridal anti-inflammatory drug). And, even arnica gel in cases can also show better features over some herbal solutions like capsaicin and menthol, camphor salicylate.

This is even that so as many of the mentioned solutions have less or more severe side effects or disadvantage.

What are these then?….

Gastro-intestinal disturbances and bleeding (ibuprofen), liver-toxicity (acetaminophen), increased bleeding time and irritates (aspirin), stinging burning feeling (capsaicin), strong medical odor (menthol, camphor salicylate).

Some more on the positive side of arnica gel is that it is easy-to-use, clean, fast pain relief solution without producing odor or sticky feeling.

It goes on clear after application without leaving any residuals behind.

Some user put a stress on one feature that makes the gel special as pain relief. It is that it can be applied on the spot where the pain is – directly addressing the problem … An oral remedy could not do this.

How Arnica Gel Works as Pain Relief

To explain how the gel works, let us briefly show you how your body produces pains. We model it with pain pathway.

This is the pain pathway:

  • Inflammatory conditions -> nl-kappa-b factor gets activated in body cells -> then cells produce arachidonic acid (aa) -> enzymes cox-1, cox-2 and 5-lox process the arachidonic acid -> the enzymes produce pain mediator chemicals -> PAIN

Conventional pain relief medications – like Ibuprofen, NSAID and so on – address the pain path from the side of enzymes. Some of these medications block cox-1 and some cox-2 enzymes.

Although, as these enzymes also have effect on blood clothing – these medications have some severe side effects causing troubles in this relation like gastro-intestinal bleeding or increased blood clothing.

Arnica gel , however, addresses the pain path differently – basically at the beginning. This comes with its helenalin content (an anti-inflammatory lactone) which inhibits the nl-kappa-b factor in cells. This then reduces the production of archadonic acid from body cells  – and eventually it cuts the pain pathway up at in early stage. The end result is a significant drop-down in pain produced on the pain path.

Due to the fact that the gel is a natural remedy, its above anti-inflammatory, pain relief benefits comes without real side effects. This is why the arnica gel makes a very powerful anti-inflammatory, pain relieving gel which is excellent for almost any pain like arthritis, back pain or joint pain. It is a real natural pain relief solution.

What People Say about Arnica Gel as Pain Gel

In our collection of costumer feedback, we have found that arnica gel users like the gel and use it with high success rate. Here are some from this collection.

‘This stuff seems to be the only thing that relieves my 96 year old mother’s arthritis pain.Excellent pain relieving gel.’ – from California

‘This arnica pain gel is just great. Works well on sore muscles, osteoarthritis and also on back pain. ’ – from South Carolina

‘This pain relieving gel is like a life saver. I use this product as main pain relief with joint pain, lower back pain problems. I used it even for period related pains. Good side is that arnica gel can be used in direct contact with the problem area, plus with the benefit of not having any contraindications with other drugs you may have to take. My mother also uses the gel and she has Rheumatoid Arthritis. This stuff relieves many of her pains and aches.’ – from UK

‘I wanted to wear a pair of heels on my birthday and I rubbed down with the Arnica Gel and I was able to keep them on for a good deal of time. I found that arnica gel is an effective pain relieving gel.’ – from LA

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