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I have always wondered how versatile the healing power of arnica is – of this small yellow flower. This power is one of the biggest gifts to human beings from God.

I have personally wide experience in herbals as I am Medical Herbalist and I have been working for years for large pharmacies.

Over my years in medication, I have seen many examples when using natural formulas in treatment could have provided better results with far more less side effects on patients.

I am an enthusiastic supporter of natural health products in general. Unfortunately, nowadays still not enough people have yet realized how huge is our heritage in healing plants and herbs – how huge power lies in those – and how easily that can be utilized for good for many.

Arnica is one of those wonder plants. It has been used for many centuries in natural healing but for the every-day people in our rushing world its magnificent power is not well-known at all.

Arnica gel is the Information Age version of our grannies’ mother Arnica Gel Mantincture – our grannies’ arnica formula. Pharmaceutical Companies uses this tincture as raw material and they are manufacturing it – using their secret recipes – into fine arnica gel.

To tailor better the arnica gel for certain use – like plastic surgery treatments – manufacturers use supplements in formulation of their arnica gel products.

Many different arnica gel manufacturers have yet created their own arnica gel brands and you can find these in pharmacies and grocery shops for purchase. You can generally find different arnica gel products under one brand.

Arnica Gel Reviews helps you choose the best arnica gel for your use and provides all of the information you need to do educated purchasing decisions.

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